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We meet you where you are, and take you where you want to go!

Create Ease recognizes the power and usefulness of computers and electronic devices for business communication, research, staying in touch with loved ones, keeping current with our communities, and finding resources.

Recognizing that not everyone has had the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to utilize these devices to their full potential,
it is our mission to "create ease" in helping our client's make this transition.

Specializing in assisting you achieve goals for yourself, your business, and your loved ones, we teach you about utilizing technology to your advantage!

Donna Larocque

One-on-one computer coaching, tailored to you,
on your device(s)
Customized classes for a
small group interested in learning the same thing
Administrative support for all your projects, both
short and/or long term

Creating professional brochures, business cards and/or letterhead designs
Client Testimonials
Assist clients in attaining an internet presence with
their own website

Evaluate/recommend solutions to assist in organizing and/or streamlining
Home Networking
Setup & Solutions

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What a nice hike this morning to be able to walk and know that business is moving forward in a positive direction with a partner that understands not only her business, but my own.
Thank you so much!

~Vicki Baird